The Heart of the Matter

I see this time and time again.  The sick dog that comes into the clinic; not eating, lethargic and losing weight over the last month.  My first question to the client, after reviewing history,

“Is this dog on any preventative medicine? Like heartworm preventative or flea/tick preventative?”

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Dr. Hartfield 1 Comment
Mr. Stiles and "Finding Dr. H."

Everyone has a William Forrester in their life – the grouchy and intimidating old man Sean Connery plays in “Finding Forrester.” The plot goes: cantankerous older person crosses paths with younger impressionable person; the two find a common interest; older person is supposed to impart wisdom on younger person, but also ends up learning from the younger character; the two find mutual respect and admiration for one another; the end. I’m sure you can think of a million more movie characters and movie titles that fit that plot, but the point is, I’ve found the intimidating old man in my life that I’ve grown to love – his name is Mr. Stiles.

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