Thank you for your interest in booking a reading with Dr. Hartfield.

As the number of reading requests continues to increase there are a few procedures and guidelines we’re currently implementing to ensure an enjoyable and successful event for everyone. Please review to ensure you are able to meet these guidelines BEFORE submitting this form.

If you are requesting a reading at a school, you MUST BE employed at the school. We can only work with school staff in booking a school reading to ensure all requirements are met from both Dr. Hartfield’s team and the school.

Other guidelines to schedule a reading:

Flyer Distribution: Dr. Hartfield tries to make her program educational and virtually free for schools. It is her hope to recoup some of her personal expenses through sales of her books. Thus, she does require any school she visits to distribute a flyer and order form (we will provide) to parents prior to her visit that can be returned the day of the reading to purchase signed copies of her books. 

Travel and Expenses: While Dr. Hartfield does not have a set speaker fee, she does ask for a travel stipend equal to the federal standard of $0.54/mile for any travel greater than 40 miles from her home in Tryon, OK (outside of Cushing).  

Program Format: Dr. Hartfield often schedules multiple readings in a day to maximize her time and fulfill reading requests. As such, Dr. Hartfield requests that you organize students into ONE LARGE ASSEMBLY prior to her arrival. The book and associated program is applicable for students in grades pre-K through 4th grade, and the entire event including the reading, meet and greet, and Q&A takes approximately 45 minutes. Due to her setup and animal companion, she cannot travel between classrooms so for maximum efficiency and enjoyment of the students, we ask that all classes in grades pre-k through 4th grade participate in the same reading.


Please fill out this form to request Dr. Hartfield to be at your school or next event. We will be in touch shortly.

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