Where has the Time Gone?


It seems like just yesterday I met this crazy little red head on the OSU campus.  A very mature soon-to-be high school senior with the passion and drive to become a pretty awesome veterinarian.  I wish I had known what I wanted to be that early in life! 


Allison has come so far in the past six years. She has overcome many obstacles to achieve her dreams and I am unbelievably proud of her! 

Allison has volunteered or worked for me off and on over the past few years, in between summer breaks and weekends with no tests.  This past January she joined me full time.  While I was finalizing the purchase of the Holdenville Veterinary Clinic, we set off on a two-month book tour with “Pistol the Horse”. 

We traveled over 3,000 miles, read to over 6,000 kids and said “good job” too many times to count! 


We handed out thousands of stickers and watched thousands of kids pet a horse for the first time.   

After purchasing Holdenville Veterinary Clinic, Allison packed her bags (and dogs) and moved to Holdenville.  My husband, Allison, myself and our handy neighbor, completely gutted and renovated the clinic.   It was two weeks of hard and exhausting work, but we made the clinic something we could all be proud of! 

This clinic has all of our blood, sweat and tears! 

 Over the past few months at the clinic, Allison has stepped up and become a leader and an exceptional role model.  This clinic runs like it does because of her.

The skills that she has developed will propel her to the next level.  All I have to say is, “Watch out Oklahoma State University School of Veterinary Medicine, this girl is going to make waves and make all of us proud!”

Good luck in veterinary school, future Dr. Allison Price.  Holdenville is going to miss you and we hope you remember us in four years and decide to come back! 

We love you!!!!