Volunteer Spotlight: Darcy Shephard


I LOVE my volunteers.  I thought it was about time I wrote a blog about one of my most dedicated volunteers, Miss Darcy Shephard.


 Darcy is one special little 10-year-old.  She attended our horse camp last year and not only expressed, but rather informed us that she will be a veterinarian one day! Of course, I love this.

 When I bought the clinic in March, Darcy was right there beside me painting away.  I am pretty sure at one point she was squeezed into a tiny cubby space under the lab station painting.  If that isn’t dedication, I am not sure what is. Oh yeah… and she did all this without complaining.

 Once the clinic was up and running, she started volunteering for me on Tuesday afternoons.  Around here we call Tuesdays “Darcy days,” and if she can’t make it we all get just a little bit upset!

 Two months ago, when we had the spay/neuter clinic, she was right there in the mix of college students and recent grads prepping animals, restraining and doing physical exams.


Why do I think it is important to volunteer?

Look at all the amazing hands-on experience Darcy is getting right now.  If you want to be a veterinarian one day, it takes a lot more effort than just being smart.  Although, that is super important, having common sense and hands-on know-how is vital. 

Learning to communicate is another HUGE obstacle that veterinarians face daily in the real world.  As a volunteer you learn how to communicate with doctors, technicians and clients. 

Even though I am pretty sure Darcy knows literally everyone who walks through the door (totally true BTW), she has learned how to explain after-care instructions to a client and even explain why we are taking a fecal and temperature.

Getting hours in with a veterinarian now will only make your resume and application to veterinary school stronger.  Clinic hours are very important. Start early and write down your hours. Don’t worry you will thank me for this later :)

Darcy is pretty special, and we love having her here. I can’t wait to “white coat” her one day when she gets into veterinary school!

 If you are wanting to be a veterinarian one day, go talk to your local veterinarian and see what they have to offer! You never know until you ask.

If you are interested in volunteering at Holdenville Veterinary Clinic, come by anytime and visit with us.  Our spots fill up fast!