Hello Holdenville!

The last few months have been a whirlwind of excitement, stress and a bit more excitement.

As many of you know by now, I have been in the process of purchasing my own veterinary clinic.  Well, I am happy to announce that I am FINALLY a practice owner!

Where am I? I am the proud owner of Holdenville Veterinary Clinic in Holdenville, Okla., located in Hughes County. This journey has been a huge learning experience.  I have never applied for a business loan, I have never been a practice owner and I have never signed so many papers in my life! But what I DO know is that I am a good veterinarian and I have accepted the other challenges that come with being a practice owner.

holdenville team.jpg

As I move forward in this new adventure, I am excited to embrace change, be involved with the community and provide quality veterinary care to Hughes County.

If you haven’t heard of Holdenville or at least passed through it, you should definitely visit! 

To me, Holdenville feels a lot like Mayberry.  One of my favorite spots so far, happens to be June’s restaurant.   A great place to stop in for morning coffee and maybe stop back in later that day for a slice of homemade pie.  But don’t worry they have a full menu of other wonderful things!

Now… If only I could find a Miss B to help me out around the house then it would really feel like Mayberry!

I have only been here a few days and I already feel right at home thanks to the Holdenville community.   Thank you for welcoming me into your town and I hope that we can get to know each other better in the months to come.

We have been working on quite a few renovations to the clinic and are now open for business!  If you would like to make an appointment you can call the clinic at (405) 379-5406.

Check out our website: www.holdenvillevet.com or our Facebook page at Holdenville Veterinary Clinic