You don't have to look very hard to find ways to learn more about animals - usually you only have to ask for the opportunity.

Volunteering at a veterinary clinic

  • Check your area for veterinary clinics that have volunteer opportunities.

  • Most veterinarians will have volunteers starting around age 12-13.
  • Volunteering is the best way to see and learn about different procedures that veterinarians do every day.
  • It’s a great résumé builder.
  • You’ll learn the lingo and gain hands-on experience.

Shadowing a vet

  • If you’re local clinics don’t have a permanent volunteer opportunity, try shadowing a veterinarian for a day.
  • Shadowing simply means to follow a veterinarian around and observe what they do.

Volunteering at a shelter

  • Local shelters always need volunteers to walk dogs, clean kennels, or give baths.
  • Check out this link for more information