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Dr. Hartfield

Caring for small and large animals is Dr. Rebekah Hartfield’s passion and she’s eager to share it with the next generation of veterinarians through her stories, pet cases, educational tools, and life at her Oklahoma ranch.


The vision & passion:


Dr. Hartfield has a unique gift and passion to share her veterinary knowledge through informative, creative and beautifully illustrated children's books. In her books, Dr. H. helps young Abby diagnose and treat various pets and ranch animals as readers follow along with each case. By encouraging an interest in animal health at a young age, Dr. Hartfield hopes to inspire and educate young pet owners and future veterinarians.


Featured Book:

Pistol the Horse

In the second book in the Doctor Hartfield Veterinary Book Series, we meet Abby’s friend Julian who visits Abby on the farm to take Pistol for a ride. But when Abby and Julian find Pistol their plans change, and have to take Pistol to visit Dr. H instead. Find out how Pistol is today and what Abby and Julian learned about equine medicine.



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