Flea/Tick Products

The most important thing for keeping your pets free of ticks and fleas is to administer the medication YEAR ROUND as directed.

Next, you must treat the ENVIRONMENT as well as the animal.

Third, products like Frontline and PetArmor that you can get at Wal-Mart or other stores do not have very good efficacy.  Check with your local veterinarian and ask about their products.

One of my favorite products is Nexgard.

It treats and prevents fleas and ticks, lasts a full month, and most dogs eat it like a treat!  

Serestro Collar is a very good product for those who forget to give a preventative every month.

It maintains protection even if it gets wet, and protects for eight months. Its great for cats that don’t like to take a pill (which is pretty much every cat) or sit still for you to put a topical on their back.  My only complaint is that some cats can wiggle out of the collars.

Check back often for new recommended products!