How often does my goat need to be de-wormed?

Goats can be very tough creatures to own.  Goats are very resistant to MANY deworming products.  It is very important to check your goat’s mucous membranes (MM), by pulling down their lower eyelid. You should see a nice pink color.  If their MMs are nice and pink, you do not need to deworm them.  If their MMs are pale pink or white (anemic), you need to deworm them.  It is good practice to inspect your goats every two weeks and only deworm those that need it. Consult with your veterinarian on various deworming products.  Ivermectin does not have very good efficacy against parasites. I personally like to use Cydectin.  Check out this link for a helpful chart:  Goat Dewormer Chart.